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Hey Guys! As is with anything, my plans are taking a bit longer than I anticipated. Thus, to roll out the red carpet before the release of my debut novel, I’m going to post some excerpts from it. Let me know what you think!



Chapter 1

Prologue:  The Beginning, 1976

The car was nearing 100mph. The little boy’s tiny white hands clutched desperately to the front seat’s leather interior, and his big blue eyes stretched wide in terror. He tried to mouth his fear, but was too hypnotized by the flashing desert road. The car swerved precariously and he let out a small squeak. The Elder driver looked down at him in concern, and gently held his wrist. This increased his panic as She was now driving one-handed. He unlaced his fingers from Hers and pulled his knees up to his chest. The speedometer fell by ten. He breathed easier. The old Woman’s shrewd blue eyes crinkled. She patted his head, pulling some blonde strands from his wet eyes. He glanced up at Her, pleading silently. Her head returned to the road and She raised the volume of the radio. Seasons in the Sun cooed gently, as dying rays danced rainbows across the window. He tried to listen to the song but all he could hear was the pumping of his heart and the squeaking of the tires—and far, far away, the twinkling of a siren.

The pedal roared and the car lurched forward, gunning far past 100. The boy put his head between his legs, panting madly. He looked up only when the smooth surface underneath him started to shake and jump like frying popcorn. The Woman had turned off the main road and was now blazing through the golden sand. She kept Her course straight, aiming for a strange glimmer in the distance, as Her grandson bobbed along. The drive was endless, pierced occasionally by the siren call across the barren fields. Neither predator nor pray gained any leeway. Finally, when the sun began to dip below the horizon, She nudged Her grandson to face forward. Her withered finger pointed ahead, as She croaked, “Look.” There was a lake—a monstrous lake as far as the eye could see. It stood, still as a stone, and quiet, too quiet.

She got out of the car and walked over to the water’s edge. The little boy stayed behind, clinging desperately to the door for stability. The water was opaque. A passing zephyr shimmered across the surface. This place was chaste, protected from external perversion. She breathed deeply, inhaling the scent of freedom. Real freedom. So many years. So many years had passed locked behind doorways, staring at strange faces, unable to see the wonder of a sunset without the fear of night. Running, always running, towards what? There was never a destination to Her road. But now, standing at the edge of this lake, She knew her path was always leading Her here. This would be the beginning and end of Her tale.

The scattered rocks glowed in the setting sun a burnt red. The rocks’ fiery lights ignited and danced on the water’s surface like a circus of parading light. Shapes formed and colors blended as the glowing circus’ green clowns came out to perform with purple acrobats on their shoulders, lending a helpful yellow hand. Pink elephants and orange monkeys clamored on center stage, shifting and colliding with invisible cages. Red and white tigers roared with joy and their indigo trainers guided them into the ring of life. The mahogany mountains turned a deep black, their golden crowns fading with the sun.

She looked out onto this world with parades and tight ropes shining in Her gaping blue eyes. She felt young again, remembering the way the moist forest beds smelled outside Her small cabin in Siberia, the shade of the great Larch tree, and the warm scent of sweet burning wood—before the knives came and fire was no longer sweet. Small tears leaked out of Her lids. The sandy wind blew past, warming Her scarred skin. A smile crept upon Her chapped lips, and She opened her arms, letting the breeze blow through Her gray hair. She smiled again and looked nostalgically back at the little boy who would become a Man. He had let go of the door and walked tentatively forward a few feet, waiting for Her to instruct him like She always did. One day, he would understand that She did this for him.

She tore Her brown dress aside and tossed Her hole filled heels in the water. There are no barriers at the beginning.

The soothing gust blew by again—a signal. The lake was no longer quiet. The legion of cars in her wake drew closer: they were coming.

She walked over to the boy and kissed his soft cheek. He stared into Her eyes and She smiled encouragingly. He would not assume Her fate. He would not be used. “Remember what I taught you, never again.” She whispered. He nodded, a ball of pain stuck in his throat. Even as a child, he knew his destiny was to continue Her vision.

Then the Ring Master joined the circus and the crowd screamed.

  1. Interesting to see where this will go. I love that title, which is probably just my inner emo coming out.

    • Wildechild says:

      Thanks JW!! The book is rather emo so the title is only the beginning of it all. 🙂 More excerpts to come!

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