Hey Everyone!


Eeek! *blushes* It’s been a long time since I’ve posted, but I’m trying to be better about it…trying!

To start, I’m taking part in this wonderful thing called the Writing Process Blog Tour. So, WELCOME! Thanks for stopping by my station 🙂 It’s a unique opportunity for us writers to delve deep into our souls and answer those daunting questions which force us to analyze our “sacred” writing process.

Image  Thank you, Wendy for inviting me to join in! I met her at the San Francisco Writers Conference and discovered that she’s a vivacious and talented writer! You can read about her process here: http://wbterrien.com/my-writing-process-blog-tour


What am I working on? 

Right now I’m working on my third novel, a literary fantasy called The Persistence of Memory. Elliot Willow hasn’t spoken for 31 years. But when the fates give him a second chance to right his mistakes and atone for the past that haunts him, Elliot must discover the strength to find his voice again.
How does my work differ from others of its genre? 
Well, I work in a lot of genres: YA, Adult, New Adult, etc. But one thing that undercurrents all my work is the trials and errors of what it means to be human. I write about how people struggle to uphold their sense of humanity and how easily it can be lost. I’m inspired by the struggle to maintain the self. Also, I tend to discuss the different versions and perversions of humanity, the people on both sides of the fence who dabble with right and wrong on a daily basis. I love the untapped perspective, the killers and the rats of society—what’s their story? Do they still have any humanity? I like the tainted individuals and my work is never one sided. You may think you know a hero, or hate the villain but there are no heroes and villains in real life, and everyone balances on both sides of the line. I would say other writers are afraid of their dark side but I’m not. I have two muses: a princess and a maniacal, voodoo priest.
Why do I write what I do? 
In February, I won a scholarship to attend the San Francisco Writers Conference. It was an AMAZING experience and I only wish it had lasted longer. I won the scholarship by writing a short essay on “Why I Write.” It’s the best way I can sum up my thoughts about this question.
Underwear Inspirations
It’s always amusing to me when I tell people, “I’m a writer.” They give me a half smile, half incredulous gawk, because to them, it seems an illogical profession these days. It’s akin to the taboo “actor,” or saying you plan to fund an underwater voyage to Atlantis. But people often forget that almost every aspect of western culture and society is based on the writings of some misunderstood person. Machiavelli’s The Prince, shaped the modern political landscape. The writings of dissenting philosophers created new religions. Laws, money, music, traditions, rebellions, all have their roots in writing.
To me, it’s crazy that something I do in my underwear while lying in bed eating frosted cookies and listening to Beyoncé, has all that power. But it does. Now why does all this history matter to me? Because I’m an artist. I create things. So I want to create change. As cheesy as it sounds, as a citizen of the world, I feel it’s my duty to make it better. And the best way I know how is through writing—by following the examples of thousands of outcast scribes and authors before me. I may not write the next Catch-22 in my skivvies, but perhaps my work will spark some imagination and inspire my readers. Plus, you never know. 238 years ago, Thomas Jefferson could have been munching on teacakes in his small clothes, probably on a feather bed, humming Mozart, while he drafted the Declaration of Independence.
How does my writing process work? 

Ha! That’s a good one. Writing process? Honestly, I don’t really have one. Inspiration comes from the merciful gods above in tiny drizzles every so often–droughts are frequent. I think about the idea until it morphs into a beautiful beast that claws free from my skull. Then, when I get into my zone, I just pound through my work. I’ve started outlining my novels now, but I don’t ever write the book in order. When I sit down to write, I pick a section and work on that. I do a lot of research for the novels, reading similar books, books on the subject, online articles, etc. I can spend months researching because I like to get every exact detail correct in my narratives. I don’t use any applications, just Word on my baby–my mac.

Well, that’s me in nutshell–or a blogshell. Huh? Huh! Not even a titter? *smh*

Next up on the Writing Process Blog Tour are three extremely talented writers who will share their writing process either today as well, or on May 5! They’re pretty awesome, so you won’t want to miss out. 🙂  Later today and on May 5th, be sure to check out them out: Karl, Tara, and Margaret. I met all of them at the incredible San Francisco Writers Conference this year.

Image  Tara Sim is a native of San Francisco, which has its own distinct smell — a blend of sea salt, eucalyptus, and Chinese food. She regularly swallows fog. She is also an alumna of Hollins University, which is one of the best schools in the country, and you would be a gentleman/lady to not suggest otherwise. Currently she’s immersed (read: obsessed) in sprucing up her novels for publication, which is a Trying Business, but she can’t deny it’s rather fun. She loves to write and loves others who write. She loves to talk about writing. She loves to read. She loves to write about reading, and read about writing. And, most of all, she loves to ramble.

Image G. Karl Kumfert is an idealist technocrat with a passion for teens and storytelling. He wrote his first novel, The Tavern Priestess, because he wanted to explore issues of faith, race, power, and social justice in an allegorical setting that is approachable by mainstream youth. His goal as a writer is to create stories that are entertaining, thought provoking, contemporary, and authentic. He writes stories for his own family to read.

Image Margaret Mayo McGlynn is a graphic designer, writer and copywriter. She is working on her first YA Fantasy novel, set in modern day Princeton, Bermuda and Rome, about a 16 year old girl who must learn magic to save her dad from evil wizards. She was born in New Jersey and grew up spending summers in Bermuda. She loves Fantasy and Science Fiction, languages, history, food and wine, professional cycling, snowboarding, and travel.

  1. wbterrien says:

    It’s always fun to learn about the inner-workings of writers. And I love your essay – no wonder you won a scholarship. 🙂

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  4. […] for tagging me in this hullaballoo. Please to enjoy her talk about her writing and its process here. Now here’s my thang: What am I working on?  Young Adult Fantasy Novel Guardian of […]

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