About Me…Well Sort Of

Who am I?

Who are you? Excuse me? I think the question is, who are you! We’re in a war, man! There’s no time for stupid questions! I should have your hat for this, snatch it right off your head. But I’m feeling gracious today, so carry on before I report you.



Sorry, couldn’t help myself.

Chelsey Monroe. Scratch that. The prolific (or soon to be, fingers crossed) Chelsey Dannielle Monroe, began writing at the age of six. Her first masterpiece, cleverly titled, “The Vampire,” won stunning accolades from her 1st grade teacher for it’s dark themes and poignant character development–the vampire struggles with whether to bite the boy and instead decides to take a nap. With such a story foundation, she went on to write other classics as “The Sandwich,” and “A Girl named Polly,” both which discuss the struggles between mind and body, hunger and the playground.

It wasn’t until she turned 14 that her pen drifted off towards more serious literary endeavors–novels. Ah! Yes, yes, she heard the siren of the greats–Hemingway, Wilde, Fitzgerald–in math class. Bored to death and struggling to maintain consciousness, she scribbled nonchalantly the first words to her future novel: They say your life flashes before your eyes right before you die. This was changed in later drafts, but that boring day in math, lead her to a new exciting future. Novels….Okay, not that exciting, but to this nerdy bookworm, it was her calling. And the rest is history. She spent six years writing The Death of Us All, and four years editing. She wrote her second novel, The Consciousness of Life, (a series in the making), in one year in 2010. Unlike her first novel, it’s a bit more lighthearted and fantastical. Lastly, she is working hard on her third novel, The Man Who Lived in Silence, set to debut summer of 2014.

Anything else you need to know? Eh, you probably haven’t even read to this point. If you have, my parting words are this: Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo, buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.



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